29 April 2009

Conflicting opinions or a generally non violent guy that likes watching an ass-beating

I'm a boxing fan. Not a fan of all boxing, but i really do enjoy a good fight. Which i guess is more the point...i enjoy a good fight, pretty much wherever i can see one, as long as i don't have to be involved. for example, i was in the city yesterday, running a couple of errands, and as i was walking down the street, i overheard an argument (on the corner, literally screaming at the top of their lungs, a woman and a man, and from what i gathered, there was a sexual exchange and not a legitimate means of compensation for said services), which, after some time, led to the man taking a swing, and it didn't work out for him, as she sidestepped the punch, gave a swift testicular boot and then proceeded to give a grammar lesson (make sure to dot that eye). I was on my way to a store and found myself stopped on the corner, just awestruck and facinated with 1) her quick left jab and 2) the overall violence of the situation....but what occured to me more than anything else is that i really just like watching someone take an ass beating...

right now, i''m watching juan manuel lopez right now, and it appears HBO was trying to hook me up right now, because he's giving a hellified beating to some dude whose name slips my mind, but in the last round, lopez lands 84 ower shots in the round, the most active round in the history of the junior featherweight division, and this dude is still fighting (Penalosa, a filipino fighter who is fighting the good fight, as much as one where you're taking a good beating. reminds me of a west wing episode i was watching last night, where Toby and the President are talking about a movie where one character tells the others they need to die like men. one of the others says why does it matter how a man falls down, to which he responds, "when the fall is all that's left, it matters a great deal." i guess this is why i like the sport of boxing. a man who couldn't win the fight, but kept on fighting. i know some people probably don't feel that is an attribute, but it's these people i admire most and attempt to emulate. it's these people that understand there is beauty in the process, that there is much to be learned and appreciated in the chase and that success isn't always about the win. sometimes success is just about running and finishing the race, completing the attempt without quitting. so many of us are so used to success and/or are so afraid of failure, that we're unwilling to really try anything. I was on a friend from high school's blog, and he had a quote that pretty much hit the nail on the head- "you can't make a jump shot you don't take."

John Wooden has another quote that i also think applies, "If you're not making mistakes, then you're not doing anything. I'm positive a doer makes mistakes." This is a problem with many of my students today, they're so afraid of failure, they appear to be truly afraid of trying. Students are concerned they won't get into the college of their choice, and that each decision they make now will have lingering overarching implications. But in order to make any real change, you have to be ready to make some degree of sacrifice. it's the reason i've never been really impressed with most leaders, as today, even leaders have seemed to try to avoid making mistake. They're too afraid of the implications of a negative action- but the thing that makes leaders is their desire to make change, to stand up and be different if need be...

and all of this because i like seeing someone get knocked the fuck out...


  1. aside from the fact that you may in fact be even more eloquent with the written word than with your legendarily acid tongue, you really seem to have my number in these post-Vegas posts. i have asked before that you kindly refrain from reading my mind. i won't ask again.

  2. The Wooden paragraph speaks the truth. Not sure I am with you on the fighting... but definitely feel you on the need to not be afraid of making a mistake.