14 April 2009

The governmental shocker

I've never given or received "the shocker," but if i were to imagine what it would feel like, it would be similar to the way i felt when Turbo Tax produced the final number for my taxes...and it was a non-refund (read- payment) to the federal and state government over $9000. That's a proverbial kick in the jimmy...

So I did my taxes and I owe the man over 9K. Wow. Note to others...if you gamble, have them take out MUCH MORE than the recommended amount of money they ask of you. there's not a lot that will take the wind out of your sails than realizing that once you've filled out your information on Turbo Tax, and you look up in the corner for the refund numbers (in the green) and instead see red numbers adding up over $9000. What to do, what to do, what to do. Well, how about a trip to Vegas? Does this make me a degenerate gambler (some, well, most would say I'm a degenerate anyway, gambling notwithstanding)? Probably. But of the many many lessons I've learned in is it is necessary to live in the moment, to enjoy what life has to offer, and to be thankful for all given situations...i'm thankful the man doesn't need all of his cream on April 15, I'm thankful that my heart kept beating during the entire ordeal, I'm thankful for California's very liberal medical marijuana laws (for all of the blind AIDS patients out there that need the compassion), I'm thankful I have working vehicle, some Marriott points and a desire to see the southwest, and most of all, I'm thankful the city of Las Vegas allows you to play poker 24/7.

When i go to Vegas, I try to make a point of going to at least one top tier eatery while in the city that never sleeps. I actually, in my ideal world, would be able to come down once a year, where i intend on doing nothing but visiting the fine dining establishments. It's literally like being able to take a trip around the world in six miles (the distance between the Sahara and the Mandalay Bay, wouldn't have believed it but for the cabbie and the meter both indicated it was 6 miles)...makes up for the copious amount of (usually free or really expensive) alcohol and generally bad living i try to make a habit when i'm in town. Usually, the top tier eatery stops and ends at Delmonico, an Emeril joint brought from the streets of the Big Easy to the bottom floor of the Venetian, a place that seems to make a steak that aligns with the senses, and at the end, seems to make the world just a little bit better. I have been told that anybody that really enjoys food needs to go to Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill, described as "an orgasm in your mouth," which didn't make ME want to dine there, but i have been assured the food is amazing, so I will be giving it a try, even though me and spice go together like black people and mayonaise.


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  1. jealous you will be dining with bobby and i will be dining with debaters... oh well :-) enjoy!