12 April 2009

poker in the rear

i decided this year to actually try to give up something i actually enjoy and would have to work to give up during Lent- the original decision was to give up poker entierly, and i realized although that would have been possible, it was merely overkill, since over 95% of the poker i play is online. So for Lent this year, i gave up online poker for the 40 days. it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be, as i have been really busy doing my job in the last 40 days, and it always seemed the poker i was playing wasn't the theraputic, enjoyable poker that makes me happy, but much more the grinding, plodding multi-tasking poker that 1) guarantees you're going to lose your loot- no focus, no winning, and 2) you begin to dread playing, because the thing you enjoy is being tainted by the unpleasentries you bring from the outside world. the thing i enjoy about poker is it allows you to place all your focus on the game, and to block the rest of the outside world and just play poker. The reason i like tournament play is it allows me to play as aggressively as i would like to, but limits the amount of money i can lose in a given situatuon- it does also check how much i can win in a given situation as well, but that seems to be much less my concern. i would actually write more, but i need to hit the tables, and i'm not good enough to do multi-tasking, so here i willl depart.


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