10 April 2009

Spring MF Break

Well, here we are at the spring break, the time for high school teachers all across America to refuel and get ready for the last leg of the school year. The kids are all looking at their watches, hoping time would actually move as fast as they need it to, and teachers standing in front of the room pretending they don't want it all to end, but quietly wishing, just like their students. All I know is I need to do something to make my break a memorable and reinvigorating one...it's good to be home with nothing to do.

As i have said before, i am a teacher, and teaching is a great career, with many opportunities to give back to community, and watching the youth of America grow is also a strong positive. However, teachers have these professional development in-service days. you all remember these days as students as the random days off that never seemed to make any sense. It's a day for teachers to get together and fellowship, share ideas, and just keep in touch with each other. I would prefer we do these on Friday evenings, after work, and over beers, but I am apparently a simple caveman, and new-fangled technology frightens me. But instead, we went to an incredible site, listened to great speakers, ate wonderful food (i heard, i had to leave for lunch to run a job-related errand i could have done if we had actually gone to work), and listened to a top notch choir. That being said, I'd still have rather watched Las Vegas, a show I'm at best ambiviolent towards.

i've gotta rep my boys- steve, erik and tribble are three of my boys, and their blog is a place where a true hater needs to check everyday...they give fresh, sharp takes on a variety of topics..how else would i know the story of alfie patton? the website is...


But now it's Friday, I have a job and I still don't got shit to do (if you don't catch the reference, you need to watch Ice Cube movies), so I write, and chill with my man, Sonny Bono (I enjoy '70's music). What's there to talk about today...Pirates..and not the kind Hal Sparks is concerned with...really?!? Fucking pirates?!? Wow. It's not that I'm surprised with the idea that pirates exist, or that they even commandeer boats. Don't Americans read the news? I've been reading about pirate abductions for years (it does indicate that i need to get out more often), and the eastern coast of Africa has been a hotbed for stolen boats. What in the fuck was an American captain doing there? Now we're headed towards a showdown between a few pirate ships with 50 hostages they intend on using as human shields, with US Navy warships headed towards a confrontation that seems to have no peaceful, reasonable end. I'm totally unwilling to take a position on whether or not the US should be involved in a military confrontation with (really?!?) pirates...it's also the beginning of baseball season, and it reminds me that sometimes having it pretty phat means i have to make some concessions that sting a little. I'm a huge sports fan, and i root midwest, MN across the board. The new baseball season, as the new basketball season reminds me of my double edged sword...i love hi-def television, but i live in a wonderful apartment that's only flaw is that it faces north...those of you that know the satellite world know the dish has to be able to face the southern sky, and since my apartment does not have a window that faces south, there's no satellite at the spot. this only sucks because although i can watch my teams, i can't watch them in hi-definition, which means i can't really enjoy watching them at all (i have become spoiled, and i'm ok with it). so i can't follow my twins like i want to, in hi-def like i could i i had the dish...i live in one of the tightest apartments i can imagine for quite a reasonable rate in this town, spacious, solidly located, in a good neighborhood where it seems none of my kids live (a plus 2.5 by itself) and the only disad is no satellite dish...i'm ok with it, although it seems like there's a rant about this twice a season.

I'm playing around with an online radio station...it's my station, where i can play my music, what i want and when i want, and other people can listen to it if they choose. at some point in time, i will create a weekly schedule, so people can listen to the music that suits them best...its' called "Grammatical Chaos Presents Three Fists and a Tip." If you have to ask what that's about, you need to read White Boy Shuffle, by Paul Beatty, and it'll all make more sense. and if it doesn't then i got nothing for you. But I digress, if you're looking for my station online, look for me at

save the URL and i'm sure you'll hear some solid music...tonight is Prince night, starting at 9:00pst...8 hours of the Purple Pirate....

My girlfriend has a blog, it's called uncoveringfood.com, but i imagine that if there's anyone reading this shit, it's because she's repping it up, so i figure i should write something.

Tomorrow- Larry Mize and the segment I like to call "old pimpin", the final stretch for the NBA season, maybe something about facebook and twitter, and my book of the week section...

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