13 April 2009

taxing it like the government

I really enjoy stand-up comedy. every time i get a chance to hear some stand-up, i make a concerted effort to seek it out. I think this has a lot to do with enjoying humor, and the execution of good humor is wonderful. I was in Las Vegas over Labor Day weekend to see Chris Rock, and if you get the chance, you would be cheating yourself if you don't get a chance to see him live, in the same way people need to see The Roots, Bruce Springsteen and Garth Brooks play live (best three live shows i've seen, and it's not that close, in reverse order, but i couldn't bring myself to download a picture of Garth Brooks)

i'm watching the news and there's a story about the debut of
the president's new dog. When this was initially made a story during the election, it was cute, but it was cute in that "cool, now i don't have to hear that again," kind of way. it seems like we may be running out of actual news to report...i know, i have heard of a "feature" story, but this has been a feature story for the last 6 months. There's even a pictire of the dog on TV right now, with a hawaiian lei on, which makes me hate dogs, leis, and Hawaii simultaneously...

i know the economy is in the toilet, i know you can't talk about pirates forever, although at this point, i'm not sure if this is true or not, and there are wars on multiple fronts. I also understand sometimes we need to think about better things, it's the functional purpose of feature stories in the news. But the presidential dog? The debut of the presidential dog? Are things that bad? If so, just let me sulk on my own..

The United States has just eased travel restrictions to Cuba. Nice. I can get my tickets to go to Havana and see Guantanamo Bay upclose and personal (hopefully not that upclose and personal)...maybe we can stop crushing the Cuban people and lift sanctions. Someday, i'll rant about sanctions, but for today, I'll just give Obama a big thumbs up for at least moving in the right direction.

music...it's tax season, so i have a song for everyone...Nicolay and Supastition


But it's April 13, taxes are due in the next 48 hours, which means i actually have to DO them tomorrow, as opposed to looking at them. You ever notice when you think you're gonna owe taxes, you have no real desire to file, but if you think you're getting a refund, you file that shit immediately so you can take your return to the check cashing place, as to not wait for your loot for even one more second? That may just be me, but i doubt it. i talked to a friend of mine, who has managed to never pay federal income tax, and i wish him luck. i don't know much, but i do know when the man needs to get his loot, he's gonna get his loot, even if it means you can't eat. Once my taxes are done, then the last of my obligations will be dealt with and i can leave for other pastures, as i can't imagine i'll find many pastures greener than the ones i currently have. but if you didn't go on vacation, and you just stayed home, you'd find yourself in the same rut that the vacation is supposed to resolve. I know there is nothing stopping me from doing my taxes right now, other than i write as a reason and or means to avoid things i should rather be doing, but have already decided to put off until tomorrow- only problem is i only have tomorrow to procrastinate.

more later...

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